St. Leo Homeless Ministry

The mission of St. Leo Catholic Church Homeless Ministry is to reduce homelessness in the South Berkeley area by:

     * collaborating with other agencies, charities, and organizations that provide services to the homeless or services to prevent homelessness

      * supplying a current database of services that are available to prevent homelessness or assist those who are homeless

      * using the gifts, talents and resources of the SLCCHM volunteers and the St. Leo Catholic Church community at large to provide services for unmet needs

      * seeking out additional volunteers and resources to fill any need gaps

      * consulting with organizations that advocate for Federal, State and Local legislation and programs that will promote the elimination of homelessness and provide necessary services and support to the homeless or those at risk of becoming homeless.

Anyone who would like to be a part of the St. Leo Catholic Church Homeless Ministry should contact Ellen Mangino at


For information and resources for veterans and their families, please click the link below or contact Mr. Luke Daniels  (

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